Principal Investigator, Rwanda

Dr Mazarati Jean-Baptiste, Msc, MA, PhD. Head of Biomedical Services (National Reference Laboratory, National Center for Blood Transfusion, Medical Tecnology and Infrastructure).

Project Manager, Rwanda

Lucie Gaju MPH

BARNARDS Research Associate, Rwanda

Aniceth Rucogoza MSc, DClMed. Microbiology Laboratory Director, National Reference Laboratory Rwanda.

University Central Hospital of Kigali (CHUK)

The CHUK is a tertiary referral and teaching hospital that works partnership with the Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) and has 430 beds in total- with 150 beds available for all paediatric patients, including neonatology cases. The CHUK is located in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.

Paediatric Lead, Head of neonatology- Dr Muzunga Kumwami MD,MPed

Laboratory Technologist- Innocent Nzabahimana
Research Nurse- Rachel Uwera
Research Nurse- Riziki Kankundiye
Research Nurse- Bridgette Uwamahoro

Kabgayi Hospital, Muhanga District

Kabgayi is just south of Gitarama in the Muhanga District, 25 miles southwest of Kigali. Kabgayi Hospital is a district hospital providing secondary healthcare with 416 beds. Kabgayi has an annual patient turnover of 250,000 with approximately 4000 births per year.

Entrance to Kabgayi Hospital

Medical Director/ Lead Neonatologist, Senior Paediatrician- Dr Espoir Kajibwama MD,

Maternity Nurse- Violette Uwitonze
ChantalResearch Nurse- Chantel Horanimpunda
BARNARDS and hospital staff at CHUK druring the UK team visit to Rwanda