Presentation of results from BARNARDS 2015-2018- India

Presentation of results from BARNARDS 2015-2018- India


BARNARDS participant recruitment has now long been closed and the team have been working tirelessly to coordinate analysis of the multitude of complex data it has generated across epidemiology, genomics and microbiology; ascertaining new understanding of antimicrobial resistance and neonatal sepsis across seven countries and twelve different sites. We will be sharing the BARNARDS data and findings so far at some of our participating sites. These will be open events and all are welcome, researchers, health practitioners, academics, members of the public, BARNARDS mothers and babies!
Find the poster for the upcoming event here


We hope that as many as possible can join us. Ensure to follow the BARNARDS blog to receive notifications of all upcoming events.

Please print and display to raise awareness of the event at location!!

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