SAVE LIVES: Clean your hands 5th May! The importance of infection control and hygiene in reducing sepsis.

Infection control plays an important part in reducing the spread of infection-causing bacteria and subsequent antibiotic resistance that reduces treatment options. This is important both in day-to-day life as well as within hospital settings. SAVE LIVES: clean your hands is a global initiative of the WHO to encourage hand washing, preventing transmission of these germs and is coming up on the 5th May. Visit the link for how you can participate and learn more about how simple infection control measures can save lives and reduce instances of life threatening sepsis. (Image credit: WHO, 2018).

The CDC provides further information on infection control and training basics for both public and healthcare workers

Click here for CDC infection control advice

The Infectious Diseases society of America (IDSA) is currently running an online course in infection prevention and control for staff working in a healthcare centre. We encourage all members of BARNARDS staff working with infants to participate in the course and share the link with colleagues

Take the IDSA infection prevention and control course

Professor Tim Walsh and the BARNARDS team Nigeria, took part in a “clean hands” initiative 2017 led by Professor Didier Pittet, infectious diseases expert and the director of the Infection Control Programme and WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety, University Hospital of Geneva.

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